Hur fångas din uppmärksamhet?

”…What i want is to create short -10 min audio-talks about different approaches I used in my journey. The problem is the focus. What grabs your attention? What makes you want to learn more?”

Vad är det som intresserar just dig? Det är vad min fråga ska vara. Inte tro, att just mina erfarenheter är de rätta för alla andra i samma situation. Annas fråga är angelägen: ”Vad är det som får dig att vilja lära dig mera?”

Skådespelaren lär in sin personroll, stammaren sin stamningsroll…

”Could it be that when a PWS mimics someone else’s speech who doesn’t stutter, the PWS is “putting on” that person’s mindset as well. The PWS imagines herself in the body of the fluent person that she is mimicking. So, she is in essence “stepping out” of her stuttering self and is “stepping into” a “fluent” self without all the baggage that comes from being a PWS.

In my opinion, mimicking someone who doesn’t stutter has much more to do with thinking than does it have to do with physiology though for sure both are involved.

As you so say, “It is something to think about.”
(Bob Bodenhamer)

Vad kan man mena med stamning?

”…Blocking usually, if not all the time, presupposes fear for fear triggers stuttering. But, when one is esteeming themselves highly and when a person is self-confident, they have the resources to say “no” to fear and thus they are saying “no” to stuttering and “yes” to fluency.”
(Bob Bodenhamer)

Vi kan lära av varandra…

I truly believe that we can all learn something (however small) from each other. Being able to interact (and share our experiences) with persons around the world has allowed us to acquire a far greater understanding of the issues that shape our lives.

As a result of the varied discussions that take place on online forums (and the availability of other material which is disseminated via the Internet), many are now better equipped to deal with their stuttering/blocking.

But, perhaps, most importantly, we know that (unlike those of us who grew up in the pre-Internet era) we need never again experience the isolation of facing those challenges alone.
Kindest regards