Så bra kan jag vara mot mitt barn som stammar!

That’s one of the best pieces of advice for parents that I’ve ever read, Anna.
Just brilliant.

> I have three kids and all of them had some disfluences which were noticeable enough to make my mother alarmed. Two daughters grew up without stuttering. My son is 5 now, but i think he is not in any danger now.
I am not qualified to give you a professional advice.

But my personal beliefs are
1) Refrain from any comments on a child’s language. If a child mispronounces
a word, simply start using this word more and speak it slower and more clear but without making it obvious. If a child speeds up and is difficult to understand – first pace the speed (speak in the same speed) then slowly slow your speech down a bit. If a child is disrespectful, says dirty words – don’t react emotionally but use different time to have a talk about bad words. Etc. The goal is to avoid creating language anxiety and worries about speech. 2) Listen very carefully, pay attention, be genuine. Trying to get an adult attention is very stressful for sensitive children. If they worry you won’t listen, they may get nervous and whatever difficulties they have, may get aggravated. 3) Make it ok for you to have a child who stutters. Be certain that with your support and knowledge her experience with stuttering will be very different from yours. 80% of kids recover by the time they start school. Kids are very sensitive to body language and emotional energy. If you get nervous every time she blocks, she will sense it. If your heart breaks every time she blocks, she will sense it.

When my son had disfluences around age 3.5-4 I followed those steps and made
it ok for me if he stutters. I knew that stuttering or not we will help him to
grow happy and confident. Now his speech is not different from other kids his
age. He stumbles when he is excited, but so do other kids as far as I can hear.
So it is not an expert advice, but may be you will find something for you in my
> Anna


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