Intressant likt TALAkademin…

”…Sometime in his mid twenties, he figured out that stuttering speech was not just physical, but was also psychological. He realized that stuttering was as much a way of thinking as it was a way of speaking. Therefore, if he could change his thinking and create a new way of speaking, he could start speaking well.

THIS was the turning point for him. Once he believed this, it gave him hope, courage and the perseverance he would need to stick in there with this process of changing his subconscious over the next several years or so. He also discovered that it would be better to focus on learning to speak well, by modeling great speakers, than to focus on trying to stop stuttering. He didn’t know it at the time, but this would be a great breakthrough.
(klipp från internet)

Pga min nya dator som jag ännu inte helt behärskar, måste jag komplettera senare med detaljerad information om klippet ovan. Jag blev överraskad, när jag läste. Det stämmer med TALAkademins erfarenheter och jag skulle ha kunnat skriva det själv. Så bra är det. 🙂