Själv är bästa dräng!

"Everything that has
really mattered to me (athletics, music, academics..), things that I really
cared about and spent considerable time working hard at, I've been able to
become very successful in. Everything that is except for one thing, my pesky
speech impediment. Early on, I went through years of therapy, then quit
throughout high school and college. Following my undergraduate years, I started
reading on my own and came across John Harrison's book. Finally, something other
than easy on-sets, taking deep breaths, and keeping my voice on. Finally
something that actually made sense. I started doing my own therapy, which
includes reading, observation, and emotional connection. I've read every book
John had listed in the back, and am now re-reading them and concurrently am
writing my own book (which I hope someday I can reflect on how I beat my speech
impediment, and maybe someday I can publish this book, but for now its just for
my own use).


You keep up that pace and you’re going to move very far very fast.
You rock, man.
John H.”

One Response to Själv är bästa dräng!

  1. angermannus says:

    Sätt fart! Och fortsätt med det! Ta tag i vad en talsituation innebär. Och vad som erfordras för att den skall fungera. Ingen annan än du själv kan göra jobbet. Men lägg märke till att TALAkademin har värdefull kunskap som behövs för att hjälpa till på vägen mot målet.


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