Dela med dig av dina erfarenheter!

Here are a few things which come to mind.  First, when you move around a lot, make it meaningful.  Don’t just move for the sake of moving.  Use appropriate gestures/movements to illustrate the point you are making.  Second, use lots of vocal variety – volume and pitch.  Go in with a positive attitude – one of having fun and entertaining those professors with all your knowledge.   See how much you can make biochemistry sound like the most fun thing on the planet J  Be enthusiastic as you are presenting.  And remember to smile and look confident, even if you aren’t feeling quite that way inside.

Before I give talks, I always practise doing them several times on my own, in the way I plan to do them on the actual day – including all the vocal variety, body language etc, in front of an imaginary audience.  I find this really helps, so you might like to give that a go too.

I wish you well – let us know how it goes.

Det Hazel skriver här manar till efterföljd. Hon svarar på en direkt uppmaning: ”Any advice on other things to do to prepare would be great!” Man lär sig mycket genom att svara på uppmaningar eller frågor. Det Hazel skriver här manar till efterföljd inom TALAkademin.




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