Att tänka fritt är stort, att tänka rätt är större…


I believe this is nothing more damaging to people’s quest for fluency that all that propaganda that stuttering is uncurable, that you have to accept it and it is who you are. I lived beieving in this nonsense for 40 years, until John Harrison’s book changed it. I often wonder why anyone would so fervently defend their right to have no hope and deny this hope to other people? What good does it do? It may have something to do with a belief that people feel good when they are comfortable and nothing bad happens to them. It is not true. People feel good when they grow, when they are overcoming challenges, fail, pick themselves up, do it again and experience all those little victories and triumphs on the way. The journey to fluency is actually the surest way to start really feel happy, fulfulled and inspired, even if it takes you a while to actually reach your goals.
(Anna Margolina)
 Jag instämmer med Anna Margolina. Jag inser att alla personer som har stamning i sitt tal tänker olika om hur man kan tala bättre. Det är stort att tänka fritt. Vem nöjer sig  med det? Om det är större att tänka rätt. Säg mig vem som avgör det!


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