Blah, blah, blah…

Blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, Jane, when I emphasize a stutterer’s breathing, thinking, or focus, for me that is going back to ”head stuff” which is what ruined my speech in the first place.   (When I work on focusing my attention in a certain place, I am back to thinking, imagining, analyzing, trying and effort (all head stuff).   When I think about what I am focusing on, I am both thinking and trying.  When I focus on positive thoughts, I am thinking.  When I focus on negative thoughts, I am thinking.  And what interferes with my flow is all this head stuff.  This is not only true for stuttering, it is the main theme of world-class coaches.  One of the great tennis players of our time wrote about how he wins his matches….after the first match, the player approaches his opponent  and asks ”I just wanted to ask you how you manage that marvelous wrist movement of yours.”  This puts the guy’s focus on his wrist movements and his game goes south from that point.  Anyway, here is another short excerpt from the book:
(Ruth Mead)
Det är intressant att läsa om hur även andra personer tänker om ”att stamma fram” sina ord och meningar.  Hur skall jag tänka, när mina egna tankar inte stämmer överens med andras? Ja, det finns tips. Meta-tänkande betyder, att man tänker över sitt eget tänkande – om andras tänkande etc.  Är det bra det? Ja, absolut. (P.E.)


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