Some people ask me – how long does it take to gain freedom from stuttering?

7 January ·

Some people ask me – how long does it take to gain freedom from stuttering? My clients who do not stutter, ask the same question about anxiety, fears and other personal problems. When I started this journey in 2009, I wanted this stuttering thing to be over in a few months. It turned out to be a long road with many ups and downs.
One thing is for sure – I am glad I took the chance. I am glad I decided to stick with this journey. It changed so much more than just my speech. I feel as if there were layers and layers of pain, hurts and limiting beliefs around me which were not who i truly was. Now as I am shedding more and more of them, I am growing more and more comfortable into just being me.
When I started coaching other people who stutter using NLP and hypnosis, I wanted to heal and cure them in a few sessions. Now from my own experience and from that of my clients, I know that a coach can only help and guide you, but he or she cannot do your personal work for you. However, if you are willing to do the work and refuse to give up, this process of transformation will eventually take a life of its own and start prompting and pushing and nudging you and you will be finding more and more mentors, teachers, friends and guides who will help you grow.
Today I experience unbelievable freedom. When I stopped wasting my nervous energy on worrying, anticipation of failure, fears of judgement, comparing myself to others, being self-conscious and so on, life started sparkling and flowing and to my amazement it turned out there are limitless opportunities for fun, growth and love.
Det tycks ta sin ansenliga tid att lära sig att tala med tillfredsställande flyt. Det räcker inte med en aha-upplevelse. Det tar sin tid med TRÄNING AV OLIKA MOMENT. Fyra år tog det för min del. Jag trodde länge att jag var exeptionellt långsam i att lära. Men idag förstår  att jag, att min erfarenhet och inlärningstid är rätt så normal. Men VEM kan man locka till efterföljd, när jag ”hotar” med fyra års talträning?  När alla vill ha ett kvick-fix!
Känner du någon så hör av snarast dig till mig!


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