Talträning på internet eller Skype!

Hi Hazel,
congrats for your progress. You are really a role model. I’m sure that you will find your free flowing voice with determination and persistence you have. I also started to moderating our online group video chat (using hangouts) on the facebook group for PWS. In those hangouts I have opportunity to talk in front of 7-8 people and even moderate meetings. After 3 meetings, I talk much easier and I experiences flow state often. Words just go out to fulfill my intensions to share my message and emotion of connectedness with audience. It is clear that every new situation in which we expand our comfort zone is not only boosting our self confidence, but is very fun. Now it feels good to feel vibrations and butterflies in stomach from time to time. It is fun.
Talträning på nätet. Bra! Framsteg redan efter tre övningar. Det bådar gott!


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