Kan du lära dig något nytt av Hazel?

So, just thought I’d write out a few thoughts, as I’m training my brain to give up control when speaking.  First, it sometimes feels like I’m trying to get my brain to do the complete opposite to what it thinks it should be doing to speak – like I’m going against what it wants to do – but not what it needs to do.  I often still have the urge to control, with varying degrees, because that’s how I’ve been doing speech for years and years – with and without McGuire, but always controlling in some form or another.  And to not do that feels like that’s not how speech is done – but actually, when I do give up control, I find that is EXACTLY how speech works – without my trying and effort.  It all feels so topsy-turvy at the moment.

 Det är för de flesta personer med stamning i sitt  tal nödvändigt, att komma underfund med hur normalt tal produceras. Annars blir det oundvikligen återfall efter en framgångsrik talträning förr eller senare. Så talar nämligen erfarenheten. Här kan vi lära oss lite från Hazels erfarenheter och förstå något om hur talandet kan hänga ihop. Några erfarenheter torde vi alla ha gemensamt med varandra. Vissa andra erfarenheter är specifika för var och en. Det kan vara värdefullt att känna till andras framsteg.

I often have times of feeling & #8216;ugh’, when I go back to trying to control, even though I don’t want to be doing that.  When I do, I try to have a positive outlook, realising that change takes time – and probably lots of it!  Sometimes, I find that I get into the groove of ‘trying to not control’ and ‘trying to do it right’, but that doesn’t work too well either.  And at other times I genuinely do give up the trying and effort and when I do, my speech flows effortlessly.  And some of these times actually surprise me, whilst I’m speaking.  I sometimes find that I’m at the point of starting to say something I’ve previously had difficulty with and end up saying it effortlessly.  So I really do sense that my brain is gradually getting the hang of this automatic speaking and see progress in situations where there previously wasn’t much, if any.  Yet at other times, I revert back to the old programming and once I’m in that groove, it’s not always easy to get out of it quickly.  So then I remind myself of the positive changes I am seeing happening, tell myself to hang in there and that it can only get easier!!!


När självbilden är en illusion…

”…What i see in many people who stutter, is that they are way too concerned with not being considered a failure, with being approved, being accepted and not being laughed at. When so much energy is invested in maintaining one’s self-image, it is difficult to do things that are necessary to gain freedom. Yet, self-image is just our illusion, it is created by our thinking and other people’s conditioning. It is a result of old programming. Holding onto old prevents growth. It is with becoming obsessed with expanding our minds and hearts that we can start getting unstuck and start moving forward. ”
Det är viktigt att skapa en positiv självbild. Det kan man göra. Läs Annas sista mening ovan en gång till.

”A pill would be great, but I am always a bit afraid of the side effects of pills. Nevertheless, it is an option. In the meantime, there are many ways we can change our neuro-networks. I for one think this is the key for overcoming stuttering”
Barbara Dahm CCC-SLP
Board Certified Specialist in Fluency
Stuttering Online Therapy”

Det är således fråga om vad ”neuro-networks” är för någonting.