”…och jag skall säga dig vem du är…”

Thank you for sharing your story. You see, I believe it is very important to start contributing, because this helps to dissolve these deeply-ingrained patterns of holding back. I remember how reluctant I was at first to share my stories. I thought – I will never write a book about stuttering, because it is such a shameful subject for me. Now I am so comfortable talking about stuttering, it is simply non-issue. It is in telling my story in Toastmasters and on forums and everywhere I went that I changed my perception. When we share our stories, we open our hearts and people can connect to us. We can connect to people. Many people who stutter are so obsessed with words and being ”perfect” they forget that connection is not about it. Connection is about opening, sharing, being real. And this forum is a great supportive environment where you can start practicing it.
Hope to hear more from you,
Anna Margolina Ph.D.
Master NLP Practitioner, NLP trainer,
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