Kan man bli vice president om man har stamning i sitt tal i USA?

Fwd: Re: [neurosemanticsofstuttering] Re: Joe Biden’s speech to AIS At times, Joe Biden became emotional as he recounted his experiences with stuttering.

It was heartening to hear him speak about “overcoming” stuttering because many persons (within the stuttering community) tend to refrain from speaking in such a vein.   It has certainly been my experience that it is possible to move from a place where stuttering impacts immensely upon one’s life to a position where one is able to lead an extremely active, fulfilling and expansive lifestyle.

Over the years, I have witnessed criticism of persons who claim to have successfully trodden such paths.  Indeed, some detractors have even expressed the view that such assertions can be harmful to other PWS because family members, friends, co-workers, employers etc may expect all PWS to follow suit.

As I have opined in a separate post (that I recently submitted to the group), I feel it is important for those of us who have become more effective communicators to share our stories.  I truly believe that others can gain inspiration (and encouragement) from the tales we have to tell.

Joe Biden also wrote:

“I learned so much from having to deal with stuttering.  It gave me an insight into other people’s pain – other people’s suffering.  It made me understand that everyone has something they’re fighting to overcome, and sometimes hide.”

During recent years, I have shared my story with many hundreds of audiences, comprising persons who do not stutter.  My listeners frequently tell me that (having heard how I dealt with my adversity) they are encouraged to address personal issues that exist within their own lives. Fear and self-doubt are not confined to persons who stutter – they are common to so many people.

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Jag gläder mig åt att USAs nuvarande vice president, Joe Biden,  är en person som vet vad det innebär att ha stamning i sitt tal. Och talar om det helt öppet. Att ha benägenhet för stamning i sitt tal är därför inget absolut hinder för att nå en topposition i ett samhälle. Detta är bra att känna till om man förleds att misstro sin egen framtid redan i skolan. Man kan alltid testa hur bra talare man kan bli genom träning. Man kan göra detta genom bl. a. TALAkademin, Toastmasters, McGuire, etc.
Man kan själv testa om det gäller allmänt – eller bara under viss villkor.

För mer än 20 år sedan…

”…Wanting to be totally open about my speech with the recruiters, I decided to very briefly write about my journey during the past 16 years, from being someone with a severe stuttering problem (to the extent that having conversations with my husband/friends was very difficult and totally exhausting), to someone who now loves public speaking.  I mentioned my involvement with the McGuire Programme and Toastmasters, and how they have both helped to build my confidence and given me many positive experiences of speaking to groups.  Also my current involvement with speaking to community groups in my local area.  I didn’t have much space to write on the form but alongside that, is also John Harrison’s input and the whole concept of having fun whilst speaking.”
(Hazel Percy, klipp från [neurosemanticsofstuttering]

Jag vill kommentera uppgiften ovan ”…my journey during the past 16 years…” som lett fram till ”…someone who now loves public speaking.”

Man träna sig i att tala under många år och upptäcka, att det blir roligt allt efter. Det kan kännas motigt med träning i att tala till att börja med. Lyckligtvis bli det roligare och roligare med tiden. Därför  startade TALAkademin för mer än 20 år sedan.