”taking action” and ”going to work”

”…There are some really fantastic people on this list. I am not in a position to know but I could guess that there is not a list or a blog like this one anywhere. This list is about ”taking action” and ”going to work” on yourself knowing that stuttering is not something you were borne with. Stuttering is not some ”thing” that has you and you are helpless to get rid of it.
Stuttering is a ”learned” behavior.
And, because stuttering is a ”learned” behavior, it can be ”unlearned”.
We have many proofs of this reality on this list.
Thanks Uday. Thanks John.”
”sätt igång och börja jobba!” Så översätter jag till svenska ”taking action” and ”going to work”.  Om man vill lära sig tala bättre, gäller det att sätta igång och träna på det. Låt oss se på tala som ett resultat av färdighetsträning! Det gäller bara att veta vad man skall träna på.  Och det vet vi inom TALAkademin. Ta kontakt med TALAkademin! Fråga hur man gör!

”a great way to learn is to teach others”

”…I never forgot you insistently telling me (over the phone) ”a great way to learn is to teach others” and encouraging me to share my experience/knowledge. That advice is being proven more true every time I post onto here.
You also stressed the importance of ”FUN”.. Which has been on my mind quite often ever since you mentioned that to me
– Christian

En ny identitet … eller bara en ny roll?

”… I took Johns advice about having to become a new person it was scary but I took the advice and I am becoming an entire new person.”
– Christian