All vår början… bättre går det år från år!

Hello, all,
Recently I was reading many posts from people who read John’s book and became excited about the possibilities and then run into problems trying to implement the ideas. And from my own example, I know how difficult it is to change the way you think, feel and respond. One thing people find it very hard to realize is that it is very difficult to change unconscious responses with conscious effort. You cannot tell yourself – ”stop being afraid.” or ”stop talking to yourself so negatively”. There are ways in which those automatic responses can be changed, and it is not through conscious thinking or understanding. It can be through doing and experimenting – when the mind is presented with the new data old maps can be updated. It can be just changed spontaneously through an insight. Or you have to know how to get your hands on the control knob of the experience. Which means – learn NLP and hypnosis. Or other practices which work with unconscious processes.

But I had to go long way, practicing these strategies, making them natural and automatic. It was not an overnight conscious decision – from now on i will stop freaking out in a dentist chair. However, once installed and made automatic and natural, just like any skill or habit, thinking and responding this way becomes very easy – no effort at all.

”Träning, träning och åter träning!”
Har du hört det förut?
(Det gäller fortfarande inom TALAkademin!)

Vad är nyckeln till framgång med talträning?

”…The key is – keep moving and experimenting and every time ask yourself – what did i learn about myself from this experience? What belief about myself I discovered? Be curious – this is the key. ……It is not easy to do alone. Either find a coach, or find a ”change buddy” with whom you will practice and discuss things. It is important to have someone with an outside perspective, because there are things you do not see. because you are too close.
Jag tror, att det är fler än jag själv som håller med Anna (Margolina) om detta att vara nyfiken på och angelägen om ett bra träningsresultat. Behövs fem, tio, tjugo, fyrtio, åttio eller mer än etthundrasextio träningspass? Man behöver säkert en coach också för att så snabbt som möjligt nå sitt mål. Eller en intresserad träningskompis. DET ÄR TRÄNING SOM GÄLLER!
Det är vars och ens uppgift att pröva hur mycket.