”Hur många gånger måste jag träna? Är 550 ggr nog??”

Hi Anna,
I, wholeheartedly, concur with your response to Hazel.

As you are aware, I have now fulfilled more than 550 public speaking engagements. Although I have built up a varied repertoire of talks (embracing many different subjects), by far the majority of my presentations relate to my own life story.

Despite the fact that the 99% of the audiences have no connection with stuttering, my talks generate such a positive feedback. Those present frequently tell me that (after learning about how I have successfully dealt with my personal adversity) they are similarly inspired to confront challenges that exist in their own lives. It has been enlightening to discover that there are many common threads affecting persons who stutter and those who don’t.

(Alan Badmington)
(Klipp från http://www.neurosemanticsof stuttering)

One Response to ”Hur många gånger måste jag träna? Är 550 ggr nog??”

  1. angermannus says:

    Jag vet faktiskt inte hur mycket man behöver träna. Jag skulle gärna vilja veta det. Därför håller jag på och undersöker det. Min nuvarande hypotes är: MINST FYRA ÅR.


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