”…change has to come through the experiences of those who stutter themselves -… ”

I think any form of change has to come through the experiences of those who stutter themselves – what has helped them and what hasn’t.

This is why I think it’s great that Dr Charn Nang is taking it upon herself to do this research project, of which I am taking part.  I honestly don’t think there is one size which fits all – we are all different people and some of us gain more from one type of therapy/programme than another.

Often it’s a combination of factors which helps us to progress and move towards the way we wish to speak in our everyday lives.

– Stammar du?.  – Ja, men inte som du. 🙂
Följden av detta är, att var och en av oss måste numera finna sin egen väg till ett bättre tal. Hur ser just mitt träningsprogram ut?

– Fråga kan man ju alltid!

Toastmasters – eller TALAkademin? Båda finns i Sverige :-)

Hi Sanjog,
After having carefully read your post, your next logical step would be to enroll with Toastmasters.

Stuttering being a socially triggered impairment, you have to go out of your comfort zone, face head on your greatest fears in a very cooperative environment, know repetitive positive speaking experiences that will change your stuttering hexagon from negative to positive (while renewing your perceptions, beliefs and emotions) and create new neuronal pathways that will get rid of your stuttering mindset.

Most of us on this list went there.

Richard Parent
Känner du igen dig i svaret till Sanjog från Richard Parent?
Jag undrar hur många som känner till motsvarigheten till Richard Parent i Sverige. Just nu!

Påminner stamning om kortspelet 21…???

”…brand new copy of ”21 things I wish i had known about stuttering” by own very own Laurent Lagarde. Thank you, Laurent for having it translated into English.

What a delight to read. As I read I keep saying – yes, yes, yes… so very true.

I believe it is a must read for everyone who is determined to untangle the stuttering mystery. It is easy to read, honest, entertaining, funny, touching, wise and so much more. I will write more when i am done with it. Thank you again, Laurent! Wow, what talents we have in this group.


Vad kan det vara för 21 saker, tro??  🙂

Vi borde checka av en sak i sänder. Undrar just om det finns någon svensk som hunnit läsa boken. Jag när faktiskt lite förväntansfull. Kan det finnas någonting som vi inte redan känner till i TALAkademin om stamning vid det här laget?

”Den som lever får se.”


”…I’ve got an experiment for you Hazel. Keep moving your mouth even when your diaphragm is contracted. What do you think would happen? Would your mouth just move with no sound? For me what happened was my speech just became pretty much normal in all situations.”

Jag har funnit det!! Den som söker, han finner! Är det ännu sant, att alla vägar bär till Rom? Vem vet?

Vad är stamning…?

”…To me stuttering is an unconscious conflict – something wants to speak and something wants to hold back. If there were no conflict, we would do either this or that – speak or not to speak. Since there is a struggle, something tries to push through resistance. But what if the conflict was resolved and these two forces agreed to work together instead of pushing against each other?”
Då blir det bra!!!  Så uppfattar jag det i alla fall!
Är det någon som vill yttra sig?