”Many of us were Toastmasters members and we really benefited from our experiences.”

Det är dags att ta reda på vad nyttigt Toastmasters tycks erbjuda.

”Laurent – det här påminner mig om starten till TALAkademin…”

”Welcome, Marion !
I am Laurent, from France.

Panicking at the thought at having to speak in public was a part of my life.

And then one day, I decided that things couldn’t continue like that. I had to do a presentation for a small audience and the president of the bank where I worked.

I was so sick at the thought of it that I said to my wife that I was going to ask my boss to replace me. It would be best to accept that I wasn’t made for it and leave someone else to take my place.

But I realized that I would be much worse if I avoided the problem. I would undermine my confidence in my ability to speak and the next time I needed to do it the stress would certainly be worse. So I said to myself that I must defuse the situation:

most of the people who would be present knew that I sometimes had elocution problems. I should accept it, even if it meant that I had to joke about it or take a break if it really came to the worst.

As a result I decided to face up to the situation and do everything possible to make things go smoothly.

That was only the beginning of a great adventure. It hasn’t always been easy, but that decision was the basis of the enormous progress I have since made. 

Working on public speaking has been a giant leap in my walk on the lunar surface of stuttering.

Nowadays I regularly do presentations at work and I have also been invited to lecture at conferences on stuttering. Previously, faced with these gatherings – in places such as amphitheaters and congress halls – I would have run a mile.

In my book, I wrote a whole chapter on public speaking with 9 tips who could help you :

Prepare yourself

Be concise : less is better !


Prepare to stutter

Work on your posture


Make them laugh !

Slow down

Practice ! (again :-))


Have a good time !


2018-01-08 11:22 GMT+01:00 [neurosemanticsofstuttering] <>:
”Han kom som ett yrväder… ‘Va, sitter ni här å fikar! Å jag som trodde att ni tränade å tala!”
Ja, där satt vi i början på Östergötlands stamningsförening och fikade, när LG kom in. Då började vägen mot TALAkademins tillkomst. Resten är historia som flera känner till. Världskongressen med namnet ”World Communication” 1995 blev höjdpunkten. Snart  därefter TALAkademin.

”I WISH I HAD KNOWN THAT SOME OF THE BEST SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD STUTTER”. Så skriver Laurent i sin bok som är väl värd att läsa eller studera.

Nu ska jag läsa om det här kapitlet!!!  🙂

Gott Nytt År! Nu går jag vidare…

Happy New year! Hope you are making plans to enjoy this year. I also hope that you feel excited and resilient, as you plan your new year’s actions.

I know how frustrating your journey from stuttering to freedom  may seem. You have ups and downs and somtimes you feel you are almost free and sometimes it ambushes you.

In my years of studying this subject and achieving various degrees of fluency, I came to a simple process that needs to be applied over and over, until you are free. It comes to a series of questions.

 1) What feeling (s) do I need to feel freedom, ease  and flow in this situation?
 2) What internal reality (images, sounds, internal dialogue, beliefs, perceptions etc.) will create this feeling?
3) What feeling do I have now?
 4) is it useful?
5) Apply various techniques – direct suggestions, time line work, swishing pictures, reframing etc.- to eliminate or change the feeling that is not helpful or damaging.
6) Build a desired internal state. Apply to a situation.
7) test first in your imagination, then in real life.

8) repeat as many times as needed.

When you start truly seeing how much your speech is state dependent and how much your state is affecting your ability to think, speak and make good decisions, not mentioning your level of enjoyment and your ability to be someone people want to talk to, it will only become a matter of consistently applying the process.

Have the best luck in 2018!

My plans for the New year – I am moving away from working with people who stutter and go back to my old passion – beauty and anti-aging.

If you look at my website now you will see what i am talking about. So very excited to build a new direction in my life. I will be still commenting here and taking care of maintaining the forum..

Anna Margolina, Ph.D. Cht,

 Nu går Anna Margolina vidare. Hon har uppenbarligen taltränat tillräckligt. Vi får se om hon kommer att kommentera ytterligare något intressant om återfall, (relapses). Det brukar ju vanligen ske i princip efter varje en och en halv månad.

Låt oss  tills dess ta fasta på hennes 8 tips här ovan.
Tack för dem, Anna Margolina