Hur man frågar… spelar en viktig roll för svaret

It’s the difference between ”Can I?” versus ”How will I?”  In the expressive arts, it’s about ”How do I execute the moves?” vs.”What do I want to express?”  The mind is exquisitely exquisitely equipped to master movement and actions without conscious thought. Ask any ballet dancer or accomplished athlete. Mastery comes through repetition and trust.  And in all these activities, there has to come a time where you give up conscious control and allow your intention to take over and run the show.

John H.

”Som man frågar får man svar.” En lustig mening, kan jag tycka. Som skolelev förstod jag inte vitsen med uttrycket. Idag tycker jag emellertid att det är ett viktigt påpekande. Det gäller att ställa de rätta frågorna för att få rätt svar vid varje tillfälle. Kan man lära sig att tala annorlunda genom att hitta rätt svar på frågan HUR? Ja, vad som behövs är REPETION och TILLIT till det man gör. Se ovanstående citat. Och träningen är klar, när allt det nya har blivit automatiserat. Då behöver man inte längre tänka på HUR man talar. Ja, detta får man erfara som aktiv medlem inom TALAkademin.

”… but so far it’s working.”

It’s great that others have experienced this as well. I know a lot of the stuttering community is still mystified about stuttering. Hearing of multiple accounts of people having similar experiences when recovering is so beneficial to a pws who are looking for things to try to get over stuttering.
– Christian
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Christian, your explanation as to why you stuttered is exactly true for me also.  Somehow I got it in my head that I had to push words out because I couldn’t trust

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With the knowledge I have now about stuttering I am pretty confident I know what things took place that led me to develop chronic stuttering. (This won’t be much of a detailed act about my personal life. The purpose of this is to express my understanding of what causes stuttering. My story just helps to explain this.)

When I was younger I held back which caused symptoms in my speech which led me to not trust my speech. At the time I did not understand that the blocks & stuttering was just a symptom. I did not know holding back was the cause.

But wait holding back isn’t the only cause.. well in the beginning it was the only cause for me, but later down the road another cause came into my life. Yes I said another cause. For me there was soon not just 1 cause but 2 causes. During the time I was clueless about both causes. When the 2nd cause came into my life my stuttering & speech became a lot worse.

Well you are probably asking now ”What is the 2nd cause??” Well remember that because I was stuttering/blocking I started to not trust my speech. So what happened because of that lack of trust was I started to do a behavior that caused me to stutter/block even more. Ok here is the cause of my stuttering/blocking – I started to consciously try to manufacture words with my tongue & mouth & I would pre plan sentences in my head then speak. (Where I got the idea to do this was from traditional speech therapy teachings) The cause was Effortful speech. At the time & for many years I spoke like this, effortfully. The more effort the more pre planning the worse my speech.

During those years I did not know the causes.
But now with the knowledge I have now about stuttering I am confident in the causes.

There were two things causing my stuttering 1. Holding back. 2. Speaking in a effortful way. (Not speaking naturally)

Not too long ago I really made progress in letting go & in speaking naturally. My speech has been more fluent than it has ever been.

Currently I am still getting used to speaking naturally without effort.. & to be honest I am still skeptical if this is the correct way to speak.. but so far it’s working. I am just stubborn. Old habits & beliefs die hard I guess.. after all I was speaking for half my life in an effortful way. I also am learning to let go rather hold back which has affected my speech positively as well.

– Christian


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All of me…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about chronic stuttering and blocking, it’s that it’s far more than just a speech problem.  It is, in fact, a system problem that involves all of you.

…And it did validate what I was discovering about myself, my life, and my ability to express myself.
(Klipp från  ”A trip on LSD and what I learned about chronic stuttering”
By John C. Harrison)


Så här kan man göra, när man taltränar i USA idag

Right now I believe I’m on on the ”trusting spectrum”. My trust is growing but it still has more room to grow. I want to think I trust this new way of speaking because I have had situations where it seems reliable, but I know I’m still having a hard time trusting. Although My trust is growing. Since I don’t trust entirely I’m still being strict with myself about going out & speaking in this new way despite my fear & doubt. So far the pattern has looked like this. 1. have distrust in this new way of speaking. 2. I go out & I implement natural speech the best I can. (Not using force, not avoiding words, not pre planning sentences) 3. Some speaking situations don’t go well & some do. 4. I notice the situations in which I have success using this bizarre new way of speaking. 5. Gain more trust than before. Then Repeat 1-5


As you rightly observe, trust grows over time.  What you’re doing seems totally right.  Keep going, bro.  You’re on the right path.

John H.
(Klipp från internet)
Tillit, tillit till det nya sättet att tala,men det är svårt stundom. Men man får lov att växa i tron. I tron på det jag kan förändra. Även om man ibland vacklar i tron på sig själv och det man gör. Ge inte upp! Trots rädsla och tvivel. Så  här långt ser det ut som att jag misströstar över mitt sätt att tala. Man försöker att tala så bra som man förmår. Utan att pressa på,utan att undvika vissa ord, utan att tänka ut vad jag ska säja i förväg. Ibland går det bra och ibland inte. Jag lägger märke till vissa situationer som jag har framgång i när jag använder det bisarra nya sättet att tala på. Skapa mer tillit. Och repetera!
Det här tycker jag, att vi är bekanta med när jag tänker på TALAkademin och vad vi erfarit där under årens lopp. Och John  Harrisons positiva kommentar stämmer bra.

Pröva och erfara (PE)

”…Think about those people who will fight you tooth and nail saying stuttering is genetic or cannot be cured and how defensive they become. So if you are serious about your mind, and your life, grab the book.”
Jag avstår av tidsskäl från att rekommendera den bok som Anna föreslår. Det viktiga budskapet är emellertid, att ”…stuttering is genetic or cannot be cured…”  ÄR FELAKTIGT. Vi är numera rätt många personer som upptäckt och erfarit, att ”stuttering can be cured”. Det är en fråga om träning i olika avseenden. Det är en fråga om att pröva och erfara. (PE).

Ett fundamentalt antagande

”…I’m not even sure you know what you believe by looking in your head all the time.  I know my beliefs only by my actions.  If I’m trying to force words out it means I don’t believe speech is automatic.  I never know my beliefs apart from my action.  Do others in this group notice that?”   Ruth

Det är via handlingar som vi praktiskt kan åstadkomma en förändring. En kategori är talträning. Inte att förakta.

Putting and golf

This is a text I wrote to the Redefining stuttering- group on facebook: 

I started to play golf just before summer.

I have always hated golf because I was so bad at it as a child. People often laughed at me. All other sports I have been real good at but not golf. Before summer this year my colleagues at work persuaded me to attend a beginners course in golf. At the beginning  I was a very nervous putter where I did not have any controll of my left arm and it jerked as soon as I tried to put the golf ball. Inspired by Tim Galloway , the author of the “Inner game of tennis”,  I gave my arm permission on failure,  gave my arm

permission to be tensed, looking at my arm and told it to be relaxed. Saying to myself

I realy dont care if the golf ball gets into the hole or not, dont care at all about people

what they think,  dont care the least. At the same time during a couple of weeks  I practiced putting at home repeating those sentences to myself .Like a miracle,  after a while my putting gets perfect and my arm stays loose and dont get tensed.

Now I realy dont care about people on the golf court it feels fantastic. I can concentrate and focus on my putting and have 100 procent controll of it and at the same time I don’t do any judgments at all about my putting I only enjoy it.