Putting and golf

This is a text I wrote to the Redefining stuttering- group on facebook: 

I started to play golf just before summer.

I have always hated golf because I was so bad at it as a child. People often laughed at me. All other sports I have been real good at but not golf. Before summer this year my colleagues at work persuaded me to attend a beginners course in golf. At the beginning  I was a very nervous putter where I did not have any controll of my left arm and it jerked as soon as I tried to put the golf ball. Inspired by Tim Galloway , the author of the “Inner game of tennis”,  I gave my arm permission on failure,  gave my arm

permission to be tensed, looking at my arm and told it to be relaxed. Saying to myself

I realy dont care if the golf ball gets into the hole or not, dont care at all about people

what they think,  dont care the least. At the same time during a couple of weeks  I practiced putting at home repeating those sentences to myself .Like a miracle,  after a while my putting gets perfect and my arm stays loose and dont get tensed.

Now I realy dont care about people on the golf court it feels fantastic. I can concentrate and focus on my putting and have 100 procent controll of it and at the same time I don’t do any judgments at all about my putting I only enjoy it.

Om goranhjertman
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