Vilken sorts talträning…?

You know some people go to elocution classes, where they learn a degree of conscious control over their articulation, so that they enunciate their words more clearly. Well, why do you think doing that doesn’t trigger them to stutter?

The answer becomes clearer if you substitute the words ”hold back” for stutter.  What you see when someone stutters is a conflict between letting go and holding back — that is, two forces of equal strength pulling in opposite directions.  By contrast, there is no conflict when a person is exercising conscious control over their articulation if their only intention is to shape how they are articulating.


Här vill jag bara påpeka, att vi här får lite/mycket stöd för TALAkademins kurser. Det beror på hur man väljer att betona. Men stöd blir det i vilket fall!  (:-)


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